Annoy The Hell Out Of Co-Workers And Brighten Your Working Day

Posted on Apr 27 2008 - 2:10am by Richard Sharp

Rhythm PensLet’s face it, you could have the coolest job in the world, but when work beckons and deadlines loom, mundane objects suddenly display new heights of appeal. When a project needs working on, paper clips become the latest sculptural material. But why selfishly limit your procrastination to your own work?

The Electronic Rhythm Drum Pens offer a sure fire way to make you one of the most despised and irritating workers in your office. Next time your team is working on a million pound deal and you’ve only got hours to finish, crack out a pair of these pens and get beating.

When you beat the pen on the desk, a synthesized drum sound is played through the miniature speaker mounted on the top. Two switches enable you to alternate between tom-tom, snare, and cymbals. Unfortunately, there’s also an on-off switch to avoid potentially disasterous drum solos in the middle of taking meeting notes.

What’s more, these drum pens are so innovative that you can even write with them. At less than a fiver each, there can be no better way to whittle away ten minutes than attempting to recreate your very own Phil Collins drum solo.

Go on, get creative.

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