Another pointless accessory for iPod’s and MP3 players?

Posted on Apr 16 2009 - 9:17pm by Richard Sharp

baby_ipodA Canadian design student has been hard at work developing an invention called the B(i)aby, which will allow expectant mothers to channel music from their iPods and MP3 players to their unborn babies. The B(i)aby, is the creation of Geof Ramsey who has developed the iPod and MP3 device to tap into the ‘Mozart effect’ which purports to increase the intellectual ability of babies who are exposed to classical music. The iPod and MP3 device includes a large fabric belt which allows for music to be played to the growing foetus via vibration speakers that are inbuilt into the belt. Although still only a prototype the developer is keen to make sure that mum doesn’t have to wear the belt purely for the iPod and MP3 device music to baby mode so is including a helpful massage function to ease the stresses of the day for the expectant mother.

The B(i)aby can be used to transmit any type of iPod and MP3 device music and sounds to the growing baby including the sound of the mothers voice, favourite songs or even popular music, though we feel it would be best to save an unborn infant from being an unwilling audience to Marilyn Manson or Babyshambles, just for the sake of the developing little persons sanity.

We have to say that give Mummy a big pair of pants with tight elastic and she could hold her iPod on her tummy till her hearts content without the need for pointless and possibly very expensive accessories. There is no word yet as to cost for the B(i)aby but we would recommend saving your money for something a little more worthwhile, you will most certainly run out of cash before you run out of possible accessories for the iPod!

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