Anti-Snooping Tablet Planned

Posted on Nov 13 2014 - 1:44pm by simon

Anyone who would love a new tablet but is a bit concerned about their privacy will be delighted to see that an anti-snooping tablet is in the pipeline.

This device is being worked on by the same company, Silent Circle, that brought out the similarly privacy oriented Blackphone. Jon Callas is a co-founder of the firm and he said that they are going to be releasing a tablet “soon”.

The Blackphone offers features such as extra protection when surfing the internet and the option of making encrypted phone calls and sending encrypted text messages. He also suggested that they could be bringing out more versions of the original Blackphone in the future.

Not Their Last Device


Callas said that the anti-snooping phone is their first phone but “not our last device.” The Blackphone went on sale back in June of this year and according to the company it is doing “very well” in terms of sales. However, Callas pointed out that it has “limited appeal” just now. Having said that, he said that the niche market that it is becoming a larger niche all the time.

The Blackphone uses the Android operating systems but without Google Apps. He pointed out that while there are less apps available than on other phones, you have the likes of “social media apps which can’t get to your contacts”, as well as games which “can’t get to your network.”

Claims were made at the 2014 Defcon Conference that the Blackphone had been hacked. Phil Zimmerman, who is the president of Senior Circle, said that government intelligence agencies could probably still “find a way in” to the phone if they really wanted to.

Do you like the idea of an anti-snooping phone or tablet?

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