Anti Super Injunction Video Song Hits YouTube

Posted on May 10 2011 - 11:45pm by Richard Sharp

This evening received an email from Dan Bull, a self proclaimed former bedroom musician, turned professional musician who has recently created a variety of comedy hits on YouTube and has produced songs for BBC Comedy. He has sent us a link to a very topical video on super injunctions, the song entitled ‘stupid injunction’ is very tongue in cheek but is designed to voice Dan’s opinions which are supported by many others.

When asked where he gained his inspiration, Dan explained, “I’m inspired by protest songs from throughout the ages from Woody Guthrie to John Lennon to Public Enemy. All these people had a message that went against the grain and delivered it through art. This is why I think freedom of speech is so valuable, especially in the rapidly changing digital era.”

Dan Bull - creator of stupid injunctionHe has certainly explained his views despite feeling he may have broken an injunction by doing so, he said, “it’s a rap song protesting against super-injunctions. Unfortunately, in order to protest the law, I think I may have broken it…”

This type of exposure goes some way to show what people feel about the whole Super injunction saga. Twitter has recently been flooded by supporters of @injunctionsuper and other whistle blowers who have been publishing stories about celebrities who have paid vast sums of money to keep their indiscretions private.

The video is not for children’s eyes but can be viewed below:

[vsw id=”PQSJMOp8m2A” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no”]

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