Anyone for miniature Air Hockey?

Posted on Oct 29 2008 - 11:28pm by David Gray

hockey.jpgWe have all seen the larger versions of Air Hockey in arcades up and down the country but now thanks to this miniature Air Hockey gadget you can play your favourite hockey game anywhere, any time, any place.

Like the original version, this Air Hockey product comes with a similar air cushion allowing both players to push the puck from side to side and try to score an elusive goal. Whether you are 6, 16 or 66 this step back in time is sure to hit the spot and attract the attention of many in the UK and even overseas.

This little gem looks the part, feels the part and is actually a lot more reliable than its “big brother” ensuring that you can arrange one-off games, tournaments and ‘battles till the end’ with friends, colleagues and family members. Quiet who you would buy this for a Christmas gift is open to debate as there are no age limits for the infamous miniature Air Hockey!

This is the latest in an array of sporting icon games of which table football is one we will cover in due course. As Christmas comes you should ensure that you bookmark the site and visit us again to find out what is new in the UK and overseas gadget market and what you can expect in the UK shops very soon.

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