Apple Announces iMac Upgrades

Posted on Apr 29 2008 - 2:37am by Richard Sharp

New iMac Upgrades AnnouncedEverything is looking pretty rosy for Apple at the moment. The iPod is probably still one of the biggest gadget crazes to have hit the world since the Sony Walkman was first introduced. The iPhone has been one of the most sought after mobile phones ever and the iMac is growing in popularity at an alarmingly impressive rate.

Clearly, Apple is not going to rest on its laurels either. The iPhone is rumoured to have an upgrade in the pipeline already, and today sees the release of details regarding the upgraded iMac. And, I have to say, it looks very nice indeed. Not only does it look impressive, but the spec is jaw droppingly good too.

20” and 24” monitors offer incredible resolution and crystal clear images, while Intel Core 2 Duo processors offer an excellent 3.06GHz with all the trimmings. ATI Radeon graphics are standard but consumers also have the option to upgrade to Nvidia Geforce 8800GS graphics with a whopping 512MB of video memory.

The upgrades don’t stop there, either, with more memory being included as standard. Standard memory will range from 1GB to 2GB with the option to double up and get twice as much storage for your money. All in all, it looks like this upgrade news will help Apple continue with their impressive rate of growth.

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