Apple Announces… Something Tomorrow… Probably

Posted on Sep 9 2008 - 2:25am by Richard Sharp

Apple Announcement Due TomorrowTueday 9th September may prove to be a historic date in the calendar of Apple lovers around the world, or it may turn out to be a bit of washout with very few new ideas but a raft full of barely updated items being “announced”. As you would expect less than a day before a major announcement from the likes of Apple there have been some serious rumours doing the rounds.

The MacBook has come under some fairly serious scrutiny and some believe that a new design is imminent (ie tomorrow). This new design is expected to, essentially be smaller and use LED screens to improve battery life. Some of the less stable are also predicting an Ultra Portable Netbook release to add to the Macbook line.

Mac Tablets have been a fairly consistent rumour for a few weeks but that means nothing except that somebody did a good job of spreading that rumour. Anyway, if you believe the stories, the Mac Tablet will be a fantastic touch screen device that looks great and costs a bomb.

On the music front, iTunes 8 WILL be announced tomorrow while some also think that this will coincide with the release of a new line iPod Nano designs and a new generation of iPod Touch.

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