Apple Brings Us the White iPod Touch

Posted on Oct 12 2011 - 4:20pm by Thomas Sharp

The big news from today’s Apple event was the appearance of the iPhone 4S, but it wasn’t the only news worth having a look at.

A new device which will be hitting the shelves a couple of days before the latest version of their phone is the white iPod Touch 3G. It is going to be made available from the 12th of October and if truth to be told there aren’t really an awful lot of changes to talk about from previous models.

The new iPod Touch runs on iOS 5 and as it was being unveiled the Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out that the Cupertino based company controls a massive 78% of the portable media playing device market. This little beauty will presumably add to their market share by hauling in new customers before Christmas, although it is unlikely that many existing owners will find enough new features to tempt them into an expensive upgrade.

Nice Design, What’s New?

It is as lovely to look at as you would think and when it comes to slimness, well 7.2 mm is pretty slim isn’t it? There are front and rear cameras and a 960 x 600p Retina display too. The big change, apart from colour, is the operating system. So what kind of price do you expect to see?

The Cost

If you want to snap up a white iPod Touch 3G on the 12th of October you can expect to pay the following price; 8GB model at £169, 32GB at £249 and 64GB at £329. A nice little Christmas present for that awkward nephew who is too old for Lego and too young for socks and sweaters?

So there we have it. White with a new operating system. What do you reckon? Is the original enough of a classic to justify a new version with some little tweaks or were you expecting to see a major overhaul to the device?

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