Apple files an ITC complaint against Samsung

Posted on Jul 10 2011 - 12:28pm by Julius

Apple Inc. has filed a complaint to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) asking to ban the import of Samsung Android smartphones to the US.

The complaint is in response to Samsung’s request last week to ban US imports of Apple devices. Apple has previously filed a case against the Samsung Electronics Co., claiming that the Korean company copied the designs of the iPhone and iPad for their Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

The ITC lawsuit is like Apple’s previous complaints against Samsung. According to the lawsuit filed to the ITC, “Many of Apple’s innovations have become so popular and so recognized that they have become virtually synonymous with Apple’s products and the Apple brand. Indeed, an Apple product can be readily identified, for example, by the way it operates and interfaces with its users… As a result, Apple’s innovations and products have been the subject of widespread imitation by Apple’s competitors. Others have attempted to capitalize on Apple’s success by copying its innovative technology, distinctive user interface and overall product design.”

Given by the close partnership between both companies in the past, analysts have been surprised how their legal battle has intensified.

“It has become very public and very ugly, very quickly,” said Brian Marshall, an analyst from Gleacher & Co. “They’re just going after each other’s throats.”

Marshall believes that both companies will eventually reach a settlement because Apple needs a number of patents from Samsung and the company “may not have a choice” in licensing its intellectual property.


via: Engadget

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