Apple iCloud Logo Spotted, Speculation Spreads about Music Streaming

Posted on Jun 3 2011 - 6:24pm by Richard Sharp

As you may be aware, Apple is planning to unveil a trio of new items at next weeks world wide developer conference (WWDC 2011). We know that OSx Lion, iOS 5 and the brand new web-based iCloud service will all be unveiled by Steve Jobs and his trusty team on Monday 6th June. Up until today we didn’t know what the iCloud logo would look like, but if we’d asked you to take a wild stab in the dark it probably wouldn’t have been far off.

Photo: Apple insider

The logo is typically Apple, its so literal and could have literally been doodled out by Steve Jobs on a napkin. Despite this simplicity it clearly works, bloggers have been speculating all day about the likely features of iCloud. So what could it include?

Cloud based storage

Judging by the name this is surely certain, users will be able to access their music and files on the move. Apple will be hoping to provide a more useful mobileme service, which if done properly will allow users to sync music, data and contacts across all of their devices. This would mean users would no longer need to attach their devices to perform an update or sync their iTunes.

Another popular assumption is that iCloud will allow users to access their music wirelessly, which could eliminate the need for storing them on their iPhone or iPad.

Wireless streaming

Another hot rumour speculates that Apple will launch an alternative to Google music, Spotify and Napster. The Cupertino based firm is supposedly in talks with all the major music labels although has not confirmed this, according to four deals have been penned already, including Sony, EMI, Warner Brothers and Universal.

At this stage we know that iCloud exists, but we don’t know what it is. To be honest, nobody but Apple knows and we will have to wait until Monday to find out for sure.

What would you like to see from the iCloud?


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