Apple iOS 4.3 – Release Date May Coincide with iPad 2

Posted on Jan 13 2011 - 8:33pm by Richard Sharp

The latest iOS operating system is now being distributed to Apple’s chosen developers, and it appears certain that it will include a couple of the interesting features which have been mentioned in recent rumours and which will no doubt prove to be great selling points for the Apple iPad tablet.

The most talked about addition to the iOS 4.3 is the ability to turn the iPad or iPhone into a personal, mobile hotspot. This would allow you to hook up other devices to the 3G connection which it uses. This change to the tethering rules could come in really handy for people who use their gadgets on the move and who don’t want to lose connectivity while they are away from their home or office.

A bit less important and perhaps slightly more gimmicky are the effects which are to be added to the camera’s on screen display. It is believed that light tunnel, x-ray, kaleidoscope and make-believe thermal imaging are among the kinds of options which will be on the new version of the iPad’s operating system.

What we are still waiting on is the actual release date. It is clear from the latest leaks and rumours that this is moving closer all the time and some people are thinking that an announcement could be forthcoming before the month of January is out.

Another idea is that the release may very well be packaged up with the arrival of the long awaited iPad 2 device. This would certainly make a great deal of sense for Apple, and the fact that we reported a few days about the new tablet being possibly released at the start of February means that the two developments seem to be coming to fruition at roughly the same time (if the rumours are true that is).

Could next month see us get a new iPad and a new operating system? Let’s hope so.

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