Apple iOS 4.3 Release Date Brings Subscription Based Apps

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Dec 5, 2010 by

After Sony announced they would be holding an event on 9th December (possibly to reveal the Playstation phone) it seems Apple also feel the need to announce something on the very same day. If the rumours are true then this Thursday could be the day iOS 4.3 is revealed to the world bringing an improved app store with new subscription based apps.

A number of app based magazine, publications and newspapers have revealed that they will be bringing out new subscription based versions of their apps before Christmas. This is a major change from the current 4.2 iOS that only allows single app payments. An indication that iOS will land in the very near future – perhaps on 9th December.

Big noises are being made by the Guardian, a well established newspaper that also has a very successful iPhone and iPad app. The Guardian Page says “A new and improved version of our award-winning iPhone app will be released soon.” The page also details new subscription prices of £2.99 for a six month subscription and £3.99 for 12 months.

Other brands that could benefit include T3, The Times, Stuff, FHM and more. So make sure you check back on 9th December as Apple and Sony both make the announcements – we could see iOS 4.3 and the ‘Playstation Phone’ on the same day.

Are you looking forward to the announcements and do you think they will be about the above?

8 Responses to Apple iOS 4.3 Release Date Brings Subscription Based Apps

  1. Jim says:

    Apple actually think they can still get away with subscription apps! MOVE to android it is the future.

  2. Jim says:

    I agree with the other Jim.. Subscription wont work from an app stand point look at napster. It continues to flounder because it requires a subscription to use it..Dumb move Apple IMO

  3. ian says:

    subscriptions – probably. Might work for some kinds of apps.

    4.3 – no. It's only a few days away, and any new release would be seeded to developers by now.

    Subscriptions (if thats what it is) will already be in 4.2, – they just haven't released anything with that sales model at the app store yet. They just turn it on at the app store/itunes store and 4.3 understands the new license terms.

  4. Jack says:

    iPad 2.0 ? We can only dream….

  5. Ze says:

    What really matters is a good system for printing on all printers.

  6. Fourmi says:

    Don't agree – there are some services I am prepared to pay a sub for – an improved version of the Guardian app (view comments & video) would be worth £4 a year. Also, I won't pay £10/month for desktop Spotify, but would consider a (much!) reduced amount for iPhone version as it's the main way I listen to music these days.

  7. click says:

    This is really a great news that apple have released the date for their new operating system. The subscription based apps for this OS is a great business strategy by apple. Keep posting more of these sought of technical updates in future also.

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