Apple iPad 2 Crystal Case Shows Rear Camera Slot

Posted on Dec 9 2010 - 7:30pm by Richard Sharp

The iPad 2 rumours are coming thick and fast, just the other day we talked about evidence suggesting the second incarnation of Apple’s tablet will go on sale in April and today rumours of the tabs rear camera have also been boosted. A case, manufactured by Chinese company Shenzhen MacTop Electronics, shows a cut out for a rear facing camera in a similar position to that of an iPhone.

Described as a ‘crystal case for the iPad 2nd Generation’ it appears to be moulded for a slimmer device that fits the description of the iPad 2. There are also cut outs for the rumoured connectivity additions, the alterations at the bottom of the case could be for the fabled USB port or perhaps to accommodate new speaker positions.

The iPad 2 is rumoured to be less than 100 days away, that’s still a few months until the second generation tab lands so little leaks and snippets like today’s are welcome. It is unclear whether the case is a spoof or a genuine item but either way it provides a potential glimmer of hope that the pad is not too far away.

What do you think of the rumours and what do you want to see on the iPad 2?

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