Apple iPad 2 gets A4 Chip while iPhone 5 Gets A5 Processor

Posted on Feb 16 2011 - 8:28pm by Matt Jackson

There has been a great deal of speculation surrounding the Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 2, over the past few months tech experts have predicted that the current range of processors would be upgraded, made faster and more efficient – hardly a huge revelation. However, today’s news has revealed that Apple may be making a switch from Samsung to a Taiwanese company.

Digitimes, who are also based in Taiwan, says that production has already switched to TSMC, a company which specialises in chip components. It is speculated that Apple fears insider trading of information from the Samsung camp, they do after all provide some of Apple’s largest competitors and use the chips in their own machines.

There was an inkling that Apple may have been moving away from Samsung in 2010 after the Samsung Orion chip made use of ARM’s graphics instead of Apple’s PowerVR solution. Solid details on Apple’s new A5 processor are still unknown but it is expected to be a dual core 1GHz chip making it around three times quicker than the current A4.

Neither Apple, Samsung or TSMC have made an official comment on the rumour, Digitimes has also speculated that the iPad 2 will come equipped with a modified version of the A4 processor whilst the iPhone 5 will get the full fat A5 chip.

However,  it’s another rumour that we hope will be confirmed in the near future.

Source: Digitimes

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  1. James Kelly February 16, 2011 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    BOTH devices should have Dual-Core A5 Processors. Particularly the iPad 2, because 1. It's a tablet, and therefore needs a lot more power than a smartphone, and 2. The competition's tablets have cutting-edge Dual-Core processors.

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