Apple iPad 2 Release Date Shortly After Launch Event in March

Posted on Feb 26 2011 - 6:07pm by Richard Sharp

When the original iPad came out last year the time between its unveiling and actual release date was around three months, this was due to logistics such as working with network providers, readying supplies and then rolling out the device. At that time Apple was relatively unchallenged and there was no rush to get the product on the shelves, if rumours are true the iPad 2 release date will be much closer to the March 2nd unveiling with many suggesting it could come this week.

Apple insider has speculated a release date of this week based on an extended amount of activity usually seen when a new product launches. They say that a reliable source has revealed that one version of the iPad 2 will be put into transit during the actual unveiling on Wednesday – a kind of simultaneous launch to the media and then the public. This certainly would give Apple huge coverage and a large amount of buzz which could somewhat extinguish the growing excitement surrounding the upcoming Android tablets.

If the rumour is true we would expect that it would be the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad 2 because that has no need for a network carrier. Apple insider made another clever observation; they say that it makes sense for Apple to release the iPad 2 quickly after launch because the announcement will kill off all existing iPad sales meaning Apple will lose ground.

An early release would also give Apple the jump on competitors such as Motorola, Samsung and Blackberry who don’t plan to release their tabs until later in the spring.

Do you think Apple will release the iPad 2 this week or will it be in April?

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  1. MeMeMe February 26, 2011 at 7:08 pm - Reply

    It will not launch next week, but within two weeks AFTER the event for sure, 100% guaranteed? How do I know. Well, I work at KRCS and we have them due in stock. 128GB amongst them, all for £599…

  2. colin February 27, 2011 at 8:56 am - Reply

    Good! That means I can pick up an old iPad for pennies and then wait for the iPad 3 to come out…

    • Jesse February 27, 2011 at 8:51 pm - Reply

      +1, just what I was thinking. Expect iPad 3 around Sept/Oct time frame to get the release dates in line with other Apple products.

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