Apple iPad 2 Sales Result in Mass Recycling of Older Tablets

Posted on Mar 29 2011 - 1:02am by Richard Sharp

Some recent research from has suggested that the number of people recycling tablet computers is fifty, yes 50 times higher than the same time last year. The data from January 2010 to March 2010 has been collated and the results speak for themselves, or do they?

The information we received explained that the sudden surge in tablets is to blame, the iPad 2 has just been released and Blackberry (Playbook), Motorola (Xoom), HTC (Flyer) and Dell (Streak) are all rolling out their devices in the coming weeks and months. That made sense until we read the next piece of research which mentioned the iPad directly.

The email also said that they (Money4urmobile) have taken on “extra measures to ensure a hassle free customer experience for gadget lovers looking to upgrade including arranging swift collection of older generation iPads[sic]”.

This raised a few questions, firstly how much can you get for an original iPad? We asked and received the following: “16GB £100, 16GB WI-FI 3G £125, 32GB £120, 32GB WI-FI 3G £145, 64GB £140 and 64GB WI-FI 3G £165.” We were more than shocked with those prices, would people really do away with an iPad for such little money in the days of Amazon and eBay? A friend of the office sold his Wi-Fi + 3G 64GB model for over £400 last week – this leads us to question the research, well at least the iPad part.

Perhaps the ‘fifty times’ more tablets being recycled was from other models, possibly, but which ones? The iPad was the first mainstream tablet to be sold in large enough numbers to warrant a possible ‘mass recycling’.

Have you thought about recycling your tablet computer, if so please let us know the model and if its an iPad let us know if you would consider recycling it for a little cash?

Source: Money4urmobile

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