Apple iPad 2 Survey Reveals Sales Will Be Greater in the UK

Posted on Mar 17 2011 - 10:40pm by Richard Sharp

On Tuesday we wrote about the 1,000,000 iPad 2 Tablets that Apple managed to shift in the US over the weekend – a pretty big achievement that is set to be eclipsed when it goes on sale in the UK next week. That’s if recent research by UK comparison site Price grabber is accurate.

They surveyed a rather random 1854 people to glean as much information as they could about the upcoming iPad 2 with some interesting yet unsurprising results. One fifth of those surveyed said they would be purchasing within a year whilst one third said they will snap one up in the first month (stocks permitting of course).

A similar survey was taken in February in the US. It showed that only a quarter plans to purchase within the first month, admittedly the same report showed that 23% plan to buy one within the first year but the overall number indicates a greater popularity in the UK.

There is a possibility that the data is a little skewed because the survey was taken earlier in the US, before the iPad 2 was unveiled meaning UK residents knew what to expect when the survey was taken – obviously they are impressed.

We have just over a week to see if the UK uptake is greater than the US, what do you think will happen – will the iPad 2 be more popular in the UK?

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