Apple iPad 3 Predictions: AMOLED Screen and Release Date

Posted on Apr 13 2011 - 8:48pm by Richard Sharp

Rumours surrounding the Apple iPad 3 have already started to circulate amongst technology bloggers with some saying it could be out in the wild this autumn. This is probably a little optimistic especially when you consider the lack of components at the moment, Apple will more than likely stick to their annual cycle and launch the iPad 3 in February 2012.

Another strong suggestion is that Apple will equip the iPad 3 with a retina display to bring it inline with the iPhone 4. Although the iPad 2 possesses 9x the graphical power of the first iPad the screen resolution remains the same, many users were expecting a Retina display and were disappointed with its omission. So will Apple bring retina to the iPad 3? Not likely according to digital times.

Instead Apple will opt for a more run of the mill AMOLED panel, granted this will offer a better picture and will also be more energy efficient, an important consideration if Apple wants to keep progressing with thinner tablets with better battery life.

"if iPhone 5 comes with bezel free screen so will iPad 3" - GnG 2011

Apple is rumoured to be producing a thinner and indeed wider Retina display for the iPhone 5, which we predict will still land in June/July either at WWDC 2011 or pretty close to it. We will then be able to get a better idea of the screen capabilities of the iPad 3. Apple will probably roll out a new version of the iPod in September followed by a new iOS in the Winter in preparation for the iPad 3 in February 2012 – this is how they have done it in the past and its worked pretty well up until now – Apple won’t change their spots, they’re not that type of animal (even though their next Mac OS is called Lion ;-)).


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