Apple iPad and iPad 2 Photoshop Apps Set to be Launched

Posted on Apr 11 2011 - 10:29pm by Robert

If you love using your iPad or iPad 2 and enjoy using Adobe Photoshop then you are in luck.

Adobe has just taken the wraps off some new iPad apps which have been launched around the same time as the appearance of the new Photoshop Software Development Kit and which will let you integrate your work with the new version of Photoshop.

The most exciting looking new app is called Eazel and this one lets you paint using your fingers and a paint that dries virtually on the screen. You can then pass your work to Photoshop.

Apart from this there is also the Nav iPad app, which is a Photoshop toolbar app which allows you to manage your work a lot easier while working away in full screen mode.

The third and last of the new apps which have just been launched is called Color Lava and this one lets you mix paint to your heart’s content. You can create your perfect colour here and then send it off to Photoshop for you to use.

May is the expected launch date of these apps and £2 or so each is the expected retail price. Versions on other platforms should come along shortly afterwards. The new Photoshop package is going to have a pretty stiff price tag – we have seen £450 mentioned – which is probably going to be the aspect most likely to put budding artists off the idea of using their iPad to work with Photoshop.

Would you be happy to pay this price for the pleasure and convenience of using your iPad with Photoshop?

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