Apple Ipad Case Review

Posted on May 29 2010 - 11:10pm by Richard Sharp

If you choose to buy your Apple iPad from the Apple website or store you will quickly see they have their own case and you may be tempted to purchase it to protect your latest gadget (we did and have reviewed it for you).


When closed the Apple branded case makes the iPad look like a little book, which is practical as it allows quick access and produces a stealth look to the iPad as you could easily walk around with this under your arm or in your bag without anyone noticing, in fact  I have been with friends and they have not noticed my iPad until I opened this little case up. Once you have opened the front of the case you have full access to the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode and the front cover folds over flat or has a nifty flap to make a little stand, this is great when using the iPad on your lap or a table.


The case provides a sufficient buffer and padding to allow you to carry the iPad around with confidence or even put it in your rucksack. It won’t get scratched and will withstand minor knocks. It is not designed to withstand big knocks or drops but it is unlikely that any case will do that. The case does not come with a screen protector so you will need to get one of those or suffer from horrible finger prints pretty quickly.


The holes for the headphones, volume, power and dock connector are in the perfect position and are suitably streghtened to withstand the extra wear and tear those key buttons will get. As mentioned earlier the front cover flaps over to form a good angle to watch videos and improve usability and the general ergonomics of a gadget which is flat.

The one thing we noticed is that the case does get marked quite easily, we have had it two days and it is covered in scratches and marks. However this is probably a lesser of two evils as it has kept the iPad neat and tidy.


When we purchased the case we thought is was quite expensive (there are lots more expensive options around though), you can pick up a skin for an ipad for £10. However it makes the iPad look classy, like a ultra thin and modern filofax. Some people will love the design and some people will hate it, it will depend on how often you will be using the iPad. If you want quick access then a book type case like this one is probably a better option than a slip on case. It also makes the iPad less conspicuos which is great for security purposes. The design does the job but  a material that does not mark so easily would be a good idea.  We like the case and think it adds to the design of the ipad although it does take a little of the glammer away from the Apple iPad.

This is obviously just our opinion and we would love to hear yours, so leave your review or comment below.

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  1. Macman1 October 28, 2010 at 3:11 am - Reply

    The first case I bought when I got my iPad was the Apple case. It's thin, but not very protective or functional. After searching around, the manager at the Apple store in Manhattan recommended Nizmo's cases. He used one for his personal use. Here's a guy that has seen every case on the market and was using this case. It's not even sold at the Apple store. You can't get a better endorsement than that.

    I ordered my Nizmo's genuine leather Angle case from Received it in 3 days and it's even better than I expected. It's beautiful and the most functional case I've seen. If you want high style and functionality this is the case.

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