Apple iPad Patent Could Mean Total Touch Controls

Posted on Feb 18 2011 - 10:17pm by Matt Jackson

The Apple iPad 2 is a hot topic at the moment, it is expected to be the next device released by Apple and we could be getting our first official view of it within the next couple of weeks. This hasn’t stopped new rumours and patents coming to light, today’s relates to a new ‘smart bezel’ that could be used on future devices.

The patent sets out plans for an increase in touch-controls which could totally eradicate the need for buttons. Instead users would swipe, tap, touching and squeezing areas to control different functions. For example a downward swipe would reduce volume whilst an upward swipe would increase it. The patent also explains that a double tap on the screen would wake up the iPad from hibernation.

This patent is obviously too late in the day to be applied to the iPad 2 but could feature prominently on future iPad’s, perhaps the iPad 3 which has been tipped for late 2011. Also previous rumours that the iPad 2 would lose its home button have been dispelled by the appearance of a screen protector complete with home button cut out.

What do you think about the patent, is a button less iPad the future?

Source: Patently Apple

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