Apple iPads and iPad 2 Tablets Sell Like Hot Cakes in 2011

Posted on Mar 30 2011 - 1:41am by Robert

The first quarter looks like it has been a sensational success for Apple and its iPad models. The total number of combined sales for the iPad 2 and the original device looks like it could reach almost 9 million units if we believe what some industry experts are currently saying.

iPads have been selling like hot cakes since Apple first shifted 3 million in the under 3 months when they launched the first generation back in 2010. However, the early success achieved this year may well be even sweeter given the level of competition in the tablet market these days. It is believed that in the US 1 million of the new iPad 2 tablets were sold on the launch weekend.

Worldwide technology analysts have studied the sales trends for the first 3 months of 2011 and a survey of their expectations shows that most expect the 5 million barrier to be comfortably passed, with some going as far as to suggest that 8.8 million of the machines may have been bought by the public to date this year. The average figure given by all the experts questioned comes it at around 6 million.

The original iPad sold 7 million in its first quarter but this year’s figures might be hindered by the fact that both here and in the US stocks have been low almost since the launch. Getting hold of one in the UK is extremely difficult, although new stocks are expected to arrive here some time soon – although don’t expect them before mid to late April.

Some initial estimates had the iPad and iPad 2 sales in these months as being around 5 to 6 million but the astonishing demand which Apple managed to whip up on the launch weekend forced these estimates to be bumped up and now we can only wait and see what the official Apple figures are going to be.

Have you got your iPad 2 already, and if so do you think all the fuss is justified?


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