Apple iPhone 5 production to start this August

Posted on Jun 27 2011 - 11:41am by Robert

The iPhone-5-September-unveiling theory seems to be gaining momentum as more news on the production date starts to emerge. A Morgan Stanley analyst said that after holding meetings with component makers in Taiwan last week, Apple will start the production of iPhone 5s probably in mid-to-late August.

Katy Huberty, an analyst from Morgan Stanley, said, “Apple’s next iPhone will begin production in mid to late August and ramp aggressively.” Huberty revealed all these after possibly communicating to Apple suppliers in Asia. Reports say that they are expecting an iPhone launch in late Q3, a bit later than usual.

According to Huberty, Apple TVs and lower priced iPhones may also be in the works. Huberty said, “We also believe Apple is in the early design stages for a TV, which could add $19 billion and $4.50 of annual revenue and EPS longer-term.”

The latest reports suggest that by choosing an earlier launch, the company could unveil its products as early as September, which will help boost its holiday sales. Waiting to release till 2012 will lead to the iPhones being overtaken by Android-based phones in terms of features.

Are you willing to wait until September to get your hands on the new iPhone 5?

via: Appleinsider

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