Apple iPhone 5 to go Global with CDMA and GSM capabilities?

Posted on Apr 23 2011 - 12:57pm by Robert

Globetrotting Apple fans might, just might, be able to go wherever they want with their iPhone soon. If they buy an iPhone 5 and if the rumours are true that is.

There are conflicting stories about whether Apple could or couldn’t make their hugely successful device a global phone or not, and whether or not it could be done in time for a launch date later this year. You see Verizon is a CDMA based network and requires certain technology to work in the US, UK networks are based on GSM networks (as are many other places around the world) which is why the Verizon iPhone 4 took such a long time to launch. It has been rumoured that the iPhone 5 will come with dual technologies.

However, while there is no official word from Apple, one of the bosses as network carrier Verizon has revealed that “when a new device from Apple is launched….will also be a global device”.

The person making the statement was Fran Shammo, who is the Chief Financial Officer in the company and he made a big deal about how the firm is going to be on “equal footing with our competitors”.

What he didn’t say was when the new iPhone global phone will hit the streets, or even explicitly state that it is the fifth generation of the Apple phone he was talking about, although most analysts believe that this is the case.

So now the big questions are how will they do it and when. By and large the industry experts are still sticking to the belief that the iPhone 5 will be with us by around September of this year, but what is dividing opinion is the matter of exactly how the global facility will be obtained. It looks like we will need to sit tight and wait for more news.

Would you like to see a global iPhone with CDMA and GSM? Why?

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