Apple iPhone 5 to Include A8 Processor Rumour

Posted on Jan 15 2011 - 11:33pm by Matt Jackson

If Apple sticks to its annual trends then we can expect the arrival of the iPhone 5 in just a couple of months, let’s face it we have come to expect it of Apple just as much as we expect rumours and leaks around their upcoming devices. At the moment snippets are coming everyday with the latest rumour relating to the processor of the iPhone 5.

The current iPhone 4 uses an A4 processor, a notable upgrade on previous iPhones but no match for the A8 processor touted as being the powerhouse behind the iPhone 5. Digital Trends has revealed that a Taiwanese firm who manufacture components for Apple (including the processor) ‘leaked’ the information to them that the A8 will be used in the iPhone 5.

Apple has recently sourced extra two manufacturers, Intrinsity and P.A. Semi were taken on to cope with demand for the current A4 processor that is used in the current iPad, iPhone 4, Apple TV and iPod touch. Assuming the above rumour is true it is likely that these companies will switch to producing the new chips in the very near future (they might have already started).

The A8 may include a Qualcomm Baseband, possibly introducing CDMA to the iPhone much earlier than many had previously predicted.

Do you think Apple should include a more powerful Qualcomm processor and CDMA in the iPhone 5?

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  1. Jonathan Cohen January 16, 2011 at 1:17 am - Reply

    They need to get the basics right this time, rather than tinker with the specs… The stuff other phones do so much better:

    Delivery reports for SMS.

    HD Voice calls, like many other new high end phones.

    Proper 3G video calling.

    Ability to turn off 2G, for those of us on 3G only networks.

    Even in a case, the iPhone 4 seems to have issues with dropped calls and poos signal.

    A removable battery would be nice.

    ..and please end all this messing around with micro-SIMs. I know most networks ship adaptors but it's still a pain, especially as you need a second phone for when the iPhone's battery dies.

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