Apple iPhone Data Harvest Actually a Bug

Posted on Apr 23 2011 - 3:11pm by Robert

The controversy caused by the recent discovery of the iPhone and iPad “location tracking file” continues with the new theory that it is actually a bug which Apple should be looking to fix. This actually correlates with the comments made by researchers who discovered the code.

Stunned iPhone and iPad owners have only just found out that all of their movements are tracked and stored in a hidden iOS file which gets synced to their PC every time they connect the phone.

The name of the file is Consolidated.db and it uses the Apple devices’ GPS function to record your location and the time you were there.

The recent Web 2.0 2011 conference in San Francisco saw the issue made public and now the worry is that private information could be obtained by third parties using this secretly stored data.

Once the data is accessed it can even be downloaded onto an interactive map which shows where the owner of the device has been lately. So far the best way to avoid this causing a problem is to go into the settings menu and turn of the location services all together.

As yet no evidence had been found of Android phones or any other devices having this mysterious feature, and with Apple bosses remaining steadfastly silent on the issue it has now been suggested that it is a file which made its way on the operating system by mistake and that the firm are presumably working flat out on finding a way to remove it.

Does this news make you worry about the safety of your private details or not?

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