Apple Overtakes Rim in Total Smartphone Handset Sales

Posted on Oct 24 2010 - 10:35pm by Richard Sharp

A few weeks ago we talked about the mobile phone market and how Apple’s market share was slipping according to second quarter figures. Happily for Apple the third quarter figures seem to be a lot rosier as they have now passed RIM (Research in motion) and is making in-roads on catching market leaders Nokia.

Research Company Strategic Analytics published a report on Thursday that showed Apple shipped 14.1 Million compared to the 12.1 Million that Rim shipped during the third quarter of 2010.That’s almost a 15% difference which is due to Apple doubling the number of phones shipped since 2009.

Apple wins a larger market share in Q3

Rim also enjoyed an increase since 2009; last year they shipped 8.5 million which means they increased their shipments by 45% in the same quarter of 2010. When you measure this up to the 77.1 million total handsets, Apple now has 18.3% of the market compared to Rim’s 16.1%. A marked improvement from last year.

“RIM continues to be hampered by a limited presence in the high-growth touch screen segment and consequently its global smart-phone market share has edged down from 20 percent to 16 percent during the past 12 months,” says a statement from Strategy Analytics.

Apple may have the proverbial silver medal in the market share stakes but they have a way to go to knock the dominant Nokia off their pedestal. Nokia actually sold 10 million extra handsets compared to last year but actually lost 3% of their market share – a trend they will hope to reverse with the N8.

That said, when you weigh up the total sales you can see how dominant Nokia are, their 26.5 million handset sales is almost double of Apple’s 14.1 million. So overall all the brands have something to celebrate, they all have done better ‘sales wise’ compared to last year. We will have to wait and see what the final quarter of the year brings.

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