Apple Retail Stores Turn 10

Posted on May 19 2011 - 2:04pm by Robert

On May 1st 2001 the first land based Apple retail stores were born, the first stores to open were at Tysons Corner, Virginia and later the same day in Glendale, California. At the time many people thought Apple were making a big mistake as the stores were placed in premium locations and sold only Apple products.

The skeptics were proven wrong and Apple now has over 300 retail stores around the world, all of which are designed with the surroundings in mind.

The largest Apple Store in Covent Garden, London


The current largest store is in Covent Garden whilst the Regent Street branch is the most profitable shop in the whole of London. Apple keeps new store locations secret but rumors often leak out, if speculation is true then Russia could receive its first store by the end of 2011.

Apple is expected to give their stores an overhaul to mark the 10 year anniversary, some expect new features in the stores themselves whilst others predict a dedicated Apple Store app for the iPhone and iPad. The Apple store 2.0 rumor could see new areas for customers where an initial one on one session would be held.

Has your town or city got an Apple Store, what features would you like to see for their birthday?


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