Apple sells 1 million copies of OS X Lion on its first day

Posted on Jul 22 2011 - 10:18am by Julius

Apple has announced that more than 1 million people have downloaded the company’s latest operating system, Mac OS X Lion, to their computers on its first day of availability.

With one million downloads in a day, it became the fastest selling operating system in the company’s history.

According to Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior president of Worldwide Product Marketing, “Lion is off to a great start, user reviews and industry reaction have been fantastic, Lion is a huge step forward, it’s not only packed with innovative features but it’s incredibly easy for users to update their Macs to the best OS we’ve ever made.”

Mac OS X Lion boasts 250 new features, including a system-wide support for full screen applications, Multi-Touch gestures, the Mac App Store, Launchpad, Mission Control and a redesigned mail app.

“OS X 10.7 Lion includes convenience and safety features never seen before on a desktop operating system, such as documents that are saved automatically as you work—so you never have to save a file and can recover previous versions effortlessly—plus applications that automatically start up in the same state they were in when you closed them, and an option that, by default, restarts your system with all application windows showing exactly the same documents and cursor locations that they had when you last shut the system down,” said PC Mag’s Mac OS X Lion review. “Lion also includes hundreds of major improvements and minor tweaks that combine to make OS X both the most convenient and the most powerful operating system ever.

Apple chose a more non-traditional way of selling its new OS: by making it available for download via its Mac App Store. The company will also be releasing bootable USB thumb drive copies of the latest OS.


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