Apple Sells 1 Million iPad 2 Tablets -70% to New Users

Posted on Mar 15 2011 - 9:50am by Richard Sharp

The iPad 2 launched on the 11th March in the United States selling an astounding 1 million units over the weekend, this actually trumps the original iPad which took nearly a month to hit the magic million. Many people might be scratching their heads as to how Apple has managed such an achievement in such a turbulent economic time.

Even Apple seems to be shocked by the uptake, in an interview with USA today a spokesperson explained the uptake as ‘amazing’ and explained that Apple are doing everything they can to get the second generation tablet into the hands of the consumer. So how have they done it?

A report by Time magazine has suggested that 70% (that’s 700,000) of iPad 2 sales so far have been purchased by people who have not owned a tablet before. When the iPad went on sale many people didn’t see the point of it, the tablet pc hadn’t been seen on such a large scale and people were sceptical and therefore reluctant to buy. Users have probably seen the original iPad’s user base and general market share grow over the last year and think the device is useful and worth the money.

This has of course resulted in a shortfall of iPad 2’s in the United States, with waiting lists of up to a month! This will undoubtedly have a knock on affect when it launches worldwide on 25th March including the UK.

Are you looking forward to the iPad 2 in your country or are you one of the lucky ones to already have one of your very own?

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