Arcam Solo hi-fi, small in dimensions big in sound

Posted on Apr 9 2009 - 9:45pm by Richard Sharp

If you are considering investing in a new hi-fi sound system but are baffled by the choices available, maybe you are looking for stylish simplicity with powerful high quality sound, possibly looking to de-clutter your home as well as your audio equipment. Then there is a hi-fi sound system out there that will probably tick all your boxes, the Arcam Solo mini hi-fi.

The Arcam Solo mini hi-fi sound system will deliver all the audio punch that you are looking for. The two-channel sound system provides a powerful yet beautiful sound quality which is teamed with a brilliant simplistic design whilst still incorporating maximum spec. Arcam have delivered in the Solo mini hi-fi sound system what they refer to as “an audiophile’s dream”, they have jam packed the beautiful minimal sound system casing with a CD player, a DAB radio (Arcam are the people who developed the very first DAB radio equipment so you can be sure of a quality product and up to the minute design), iPod connection allowing for playback of MP3 and WMA audio files .

The Arcam Solo mini hi-fi doesn’t come cheap, priced at about £750 however for that price you are getting a quality sound system product, not stacks of black plastic soulless boxes stacked up cluttering the place, however the sound quality delivered will be every bit as good as you would receive for investing in the high-fidelity separate units. The Solo sound system is as the name suggests a single solitary package of superior audio sound, the quality of which is quite breathtaking. To achieve the best from the system it is suggested by the manufacturers to team the Arcam Solo mini hi-fi with Muso speakers. This will provide the very optimum playback for the superior bass sound which is supplied by the Torroid power system and the DACs utilising the CD73 award winning technology gives crisp true crystal clear sound clarity that other sound systems cannot hope to match. Little details make this sound system a joy to operate, the hushed loading of the CD player whispering a quiet ‘quality’, that others players just can’t deliver. This is a sound system for not only music lovers but gadget lovers too!

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