Are we all April Fool’s if we believe the Conficker windows virus is a threat?

Posted on Mar 31 2009 - 2:53pm by Richard Sharp

There is speculation all over the internet and in the press about the Conficker virus. It is believed by experts that the Conficker virus has already infected more than 10 million PC’s and tomorrow April 1st is expected to be the day that all the infected machines join as one to cause mayhem on the internet. It is believed that the virus will create a huge network of robots that will set about contacting selected sites to cause a ‘denial of service’ message to be generated and the sites concerned will inevitably crash from the amount of computers trying to contact them simultaneously. Sites possibly targeted could be defence or search engines in fact there are some that think the Government sites have already been hacked into by the Conficker virus.

It is recommended by internet security industry experts that anti-virus and anti malware programmes are kept up to date and also scans carried out on a regular basis. Microsoft is so concerned by the threat whether real or imagined, that they have offered a reward of $250,000 for information that will lead to identifying the creator. It is believed by some that the Conficker virus will be used to access personal information from PC’s such as bank details, passwords etc.

McAfee are taking the threat seriously and have a resource specifically aimed at the Conficker threat, with advice on how to find and deal with suspicious files.

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