Aston Martin Named Britain’s Coolest Brand And iPlayer The Coolest Website

Posted on Sep 28 2010 - 11:20am by Matt Jackson

A recent poll has shown the top 10 coolest brands in the UK and Warwickshire based Aston Martin has beaten the iPhone taking top spot for the fourth time in five years and reclaiming it from Apple’s now iconic touch screen smartphone. Apple certainly featured the most with 3 entries in the top 20. Tech featured pretty highly throughout with a few vehicles thrown in for good measure and a smattering of designers all clustered in the bottom half.

Aston Martin obviously wins it for the vehicles section with Harley Davidson back in 6th place, Ferrari in 9th, and Mini in 16th. The smartphone war between Apple and RIM goes to the iPhone in 2nd place although the Blackberry performs reasonably well back in 4th place.

In technology the iPod comes in 3rd while Bang & Olufsen hits 5th place. The Nintendo Wii is in 7th place as the only gaming system to feature. The Apple brand itself is in 13th spot meaning that they take 3 of the top 20 positions this year.

Google tops the pile for websites, in 8th position over all, while BBC iPlayer is the best of the non-search related sites. YouTube also features, down in 15th spot.

Vivienne Westwood tops the pile for fashion in 12th with Chanel the next best in 17th followed by Ray-Ban in 18th, Alexander McQueen in 19th, and Jimmy Choo in 20th.

  • 1 – Aston martin
  • 2 – iPhone
  • 3 – iPod
  • 4 – Blackberry
  • 5 – Bang & Olufsen
  • 6 – Harley Davidson
  • 7 – Nintendo Wii
  • 8 – Google
  • 9 – Ferrari
  • 10 – Dom Perignon
  • 11 – BBC iPlayer
  • 12 – Vivienne Westwood
  • 13 – Apple
  • 14 – Tate Modern
  • 15 – YouTube
  • 16 – Mini
  • 17 – Chanel
  • 18 – Ray-Ban
  • 19 – Alexander McQueen
  • 20 – Jimmy Choo

The survey was carried out by CoolBrands and judges included the likes of Tinie Tempah and Sadie Frost and formulated the cool 500 list.

We think it’s safe to say that if you sport 5 of the 20 above then, primarily you’ve got too much spare cash but you’re also trying way too hard. 2 or 3 is about the ideal number.

Do you agree the coolest brands list?

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