Asus Bamboo Laptops

Posted on Sep 2 2008 - 1:56am by Richard Sharp

The Asus Bamboo Laptop - Beware Of Passing PandasFrom the sublime with the £11k gaming PC, to the ridiculous with the Asus laptop styled from bamboo. You might be the type that has to buy everything green, and if you are then we applaud your unerring mission to single handedly save the planet from demise, but will the bamboo laptop really get you one step closer to an ecologically sound Mecca? What perhaps makes it worse is the sales rubbish that Asus are offering as part of their marketing message.

The laptops apparently provide organic tactility, refreshing scent, and minimalist aesthetics thanks to the Moso bamboo panelling. It really is enough to make you vomit. Regrettably, there’s going to be more than one of these things available and the range will include a selection of processors and memory levels to suit all green requirements.

We’re not entirely sure how much they’re going to cost but we’re fairly confident that everything is being set up to extort as large a sum of money as possible from every single buyer. Innovation is all well and good, and we obviously support any efforts to improve sustainability but are not entirely convinced (in case you couldn’t tell by the tone of the post) by the bamboo laptop.

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