Asus Transformer Shortfall Due to Demand

Posted on May 6 2011 - 5:17pm by Thomas Sharp

Apple isn’t the only brand struggling with stocking issues as Asus reveals that their tablet shortfall is not due to lack of components but actually due to elevated demand. After their recent quarterly report talk turned to Asus sales records with many suggesting a lack of components were causing a shortfall in the supply chain. A statement from the company confirmed otherwise:

“If the demand continues to increase substantially then we will have to continue to ramp up production in order to fulfil our customers’ demand.”

To cope Asus is increasing production to 200,000 units per month, this will take time and 100,000 will be made available in May with double the amount in June.

Why is the Transformer so popular?

Of all the big name tablets to either have launched or shortly launching a tablet in 2011 nobody predicted that Asus would be the brand to be in such high demand and just goes to show the rewards a company can gain when they think outside of the box. The innovative design allows users to detach the tablet from the powered keyboard dock to use as a standard tablet. On its own the tablet has 9.5 hours of battery life which is extended by a further 6.5 hours.

The detachable keyboard also includes a fully functional mouse, USB ports and SD card readers which basically transform the tablet into a notebook. It’s easy to see why the Transformer is popular especially during the infancy of tablets when people are still unwilling to replace traditional laptops completely.



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  1. Bowmanave May 7, 2011 at 4:11 am - Reply

    Target is also cancelling their pre-orders. Apparently, Asus can only produce 10000 units a month because of shortage of parts, instead of 300000 they had planned. They might be able to produce significantly more starting in the middle of June. By the time it's widely available, you might consider waiting a little longer for a tablet with a tegra 3 which is supposed to be released as early as August.

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