ASUS X5AE-SX002V Laptop Review

Posted on Jul 29 2010 - 10:52am by Rob

There is a plethora of laptops around at the moment. This ASUS X5AE-SX002V is a mid range laptop, it has mid range specification, mid range looks but has an entry level price. That is just one of its’ selling points, we have had a look to see if it is worth the £399 it currently costs.


Asus have delighted us in the past with such bizarre computers as the bamboo laptop and the scented laptops. Fortunately (for people who want a “normal” laptop)  the Asus X5AE-SX002V plays a straight bat on the design front and gives us a look which we are very familiar with. The case is finished in hard wearing black composite, it looks good and takes general wear and tear without too much drama.

It is not the lightest laptop with a 15.6 inch screen, however its by no means a porker and weighs in at 2.6KG, carrying it around was not a problem in either a shoulder or back pack style bag.

The keyboard is well designed and typing is both comfortable and quick with a good balance between not to hard and not to soft (just like Goldilocks). All in all the X5AE-SX002V design team have done a good job with the look and feel, it looks good without being too flashy.


Notable Specifications

4GB of memory is plenty to run Windows 7, which is great for multi tasking. Asus have included a generous 320GB hard drive which is moe than enough for a laptop. The display is kept crisp by the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 graphics processor. There are more USB ports than you can shake a stick at and wireless comes as standard.


As a wise man once said;

Some people make a fortune,

Others earn a mint,

My old man don’t earn much,

In fact he’s flippin’ skint.

Even if your old man wears cor blimey trousers he could possibly still cough up £400 to get this laptop online.


The Asus X5AE-SX002V is a laptop which knows what it wants and how to get it. It isn’t the most powerful laptop in the world but it does give a performance which makes the price tag look a little silly. If you want a stunning laptop then you may to spend more money, but if you want function in a good looking machine then you could do a lot worse than the ASUS X5AE-SX002V. A good bargain buy for a student, a home user or someone after a second machine to carry between work and home.

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