Atomic Floyd SuperDarts Remote Headphones Review

Posted on Nov 3 2011 - 9:43pm by Richard Sharp

It really does seem to be the best year for headphones, I’ve been inundated with high-end ear-treats over the past few weeks. Hey, I’m not complaining because I listen to music all day long.

Today I’ve received some high-end headphones from British headphone company Atomic Floyd. They’ve just released its new bass-heavy SuperDarts in-ear earphones, their flagship model. I’ve got the glorious task of putting them through their paces to see if they are worth the £199 price tag.


The Atomic Floyd SuperDarts are dual driver earphones which are compatible with iPhones and other media players. The SuperDarts earphones features a microphone for voice calls if used with an iPhone, and clicker button controls the phone’s music playback.

In The Box

One set of Superdarts

– Small, Medium and Large sound silicone tips

– airplane adapter

– 6.3 mm stereo adapter

– silicone carry pouch

– Owners manual


These earphones look like tiny bullets, which not only looks cool but also serves the purpose of creating the ideal shape for in-ear use. The all metal construction make them look very attractive and feel sturdy (just warm them up before popping them in), they are truly gorgeous and put other in-ears back on the shelf.

The machined construction ensure that these earphones won’t be falling apart anytime soon, they feel solid to the touch and should take any punishment you throw at them (to sensible extents at least).

Steel acoustic chambers, combined with its noise isolating silicone tips, feel reassuring whilst in the ears. One problem though is the weight, which is a little heavy for its size. This can be a problem sometimes if you are an active type of person who moves around all the time, I could use them on the tube and even on the cross trainer in the gym and they felt safe when on the treadmill. They do come with several different sized silicone tips which range from tiny to large (i’m sure their are more technical ways to describe them!). This allows the ideal fit, these can also be replaced in the future should the need arise.

The earphone’s Kevlar cable does not easily get tangled (even if you treat them badly) and looks amazing in red. The company chose kevlar because it is ultra strong and light (it’s the same material used in bullet proof vests), if you do break them the two year send in warranty would cover the repair.  The 3.55 mm jack is crafted from gold plated steel, making sure that the earbuds will last longer than their cheaper competitors.


The SuperDarts are designed specifically to deliver supercharged bass. These bad boys perform well across all music varieties with a full sound spectrum delivering impeccable audio, from quiet acoustic songs to the low frequency boom of a bass drum.

The SuperDarts also features the Atomic Floyd SoftSeal silicone tips that offer two-way noise isolation. The SoftSeal tips significantly reduce environmental noise upon insertion, enabling users to listen comfortably at low volumes. This also ensures that music won’t leak when listening at high volumes, whilst at a loud convention I tested these whilst the MC boomed out over a PA system – thankfully I couldn’t hear him and continued to enjoy my music. In my book that makes them worthy of their price tag.


For people who are looking to spend £199 on a high-end pair of earphones, the SuperDarts are highly recommended as they are capable of toppling even the highest-end brands. With their supercharged bass sounds and its metal construction, they’re worth every penny.


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    They are awesome and the best for deep sound

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