Audi A3: Redefining The Concept of Saloon Cars

Posted on Mar 9 2011 - 6:26pm by Richard Sharp

In the making since last year, Audi has revealed its latest A3 concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor show.  This newest advancement will make Audi’s premium selections include this four door option, in addition to their already hot hatchback and 5-door Sport back models.

This 4 door model makes a visual impact with its sharp, clean lines and lightweight design. The use of aluminium and reinforced plastic means it will have a kerb weight of 1,540kg.

VW Group will have the A3 as the first car to sit on its new MQB platform and is making notable inroads for the models to come. The concept boasted a 2.5 lt 5 cylinder engine, boosted to 402bhp, so rolls in a bit heavier than the production car will but also packs one hell of a punch.

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The quality exterior of Audi’s latest concept continues on the interior as well.  The luxury lies in the simplicity of the smooth dashboard layout.  Spacious touchscreen built in dash utilizes Audi’s advanced MMI technology and controls in-car settings as well as providing internet connectivity.

Interior space for the production car is planned to increase from the concept model, improving legroom and comfort.  The wide wheel base allows more interior room than the small body model might indicate, so do not judge it by the compact appearance.

The final production model is expected to be on sale in the UK beginning in the spring of 2012, with the hatchback previewing at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of this year.  If a premium family car is on your wish list, this is one that should be in the running.

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