August Cars – A Souped Up Porsche, A Weird Peugeot, And A New Panoz

Posted on Aug 18 2010 - 12:00pm by Matt Jackson

It’s that time of the month again when we get to drool at the beautiful new cars that are being released and, thanks in no small part to a US manufacturer called Panoz, we can drool with very good reason. There’s also a new tardis from Peugeot which is smaller than a Smart but somehow seats four people. There’s a tech riddled Citreon C4 and a souped-up version of the 4 door Porsche.

The Panoz Abruzzo is the talk of the petrolheads this month and with very good reason. It looks like a cross between the batmobile, an Aston Martin, and one of the better looking Transformers. It will cost £400,000 and there are only 81 being made to coincide with the number of Le Mans races since it was first raced. However, owners will get the chance to drive a lap around the Le Mans track and will spend the whole week at the event as guests of the Panoz company. So, worth every penny, then.

The Peugeot BB1 is also striking to look at though quite possibly for very different reasons. Although it’s difficult to tell the front from the back at first glance, it is unique at least. It also seats four people despite being smaller than the SMART and it runs on two electric powered motors.

The Citreon C4 is being upgraded to include an absolute mass of tech, which we always love to hear in a car review. It will even tell drivers how to improve so that they can save money on petrol consumption – we hope it doesn’t nag though.

The Porsche Panamara is kind of a weird car. It’s a Porsche, and we know this because it’s called a Porsche Panamara, but it’s got 4 doors and frankly it isn’t a 911. Well, Swiss tuning company Mansory have got hold of it and decided that Porsche don’t know how to make cars that go fast enough and they’ve tweaked the oil out of it.

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