Bad News for Comet Means Good News for Gadget Fans; in Theory

Posted on Nov 12 2012 - 12:59pm by Robert

When Comet went into administration recently there was a lot of talk about the possibility of gadgets being sold of cheaply. The words fire sale were even mentioned by some people.

Now confirmation has been received that this will indeed happen and that UK buyers will soon be able to take their pick from some bargain purchases. The confirmation appeared on the company’s website in the form of a Q&A section. In this it was confirmed the prospect of cheap gadgets and other electrical good was “coming soon”.

Initially it was also confirmed that the administrators, Deloitte, were urgently “considering the position” as regards gift cards and gift vouchers, meaning that at that time customers were unable to use them for purchases.

Gift Vouchers Now Accepted Again

However, a further communication confirmed that gift vouchers and Family Fund gift cards can still be used. This news came after a disabled child was unable to use a charity gift token in one of the firm’s stores, which resulted in a lot of criticism in the media.

The electronics giant has been struggling for some time now and got sold last year for the grand total of £2 to OpCapita equity group. Now there are around 6,000 jobs under threat unless a buyer can be found for Comet quickly.

If you decide to look for a cheap as chips gadget at Comet in the coming weeks then just remember the company probably won’t be in a position to fulfil any sort of warranty it issues. This means that you need to rely upon the manufacturer’s guarantee; which could make the return of a fault device a lot more complicated.

Update: It’s clear from Twitter and media reports that the initial scale of this sale was unfounded. Buyers can get 20% at most off of prices at the time of writing, which makes prices still slightly more expensive than buying online. It kind of illustrates why Comet went bust in the first place, doesn’t it?

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