Batteries that charge themselves. Whatever next?

Posted on Jul 20 2010 - 12:40am by Rob

Hamburgers that jump out of the freezer into the frying pan? Cans of lager that open themselves, vomit on the floor and abuse passers by?

Anyway, while some people (me) sits and scratch their heads at a world gone mad other people (Brother Industries) only go and make it madder by inventing crazy stuff like vibrating, self charging batteries. How do they work? How on earth would I know. Oh, ok I’ll go and investigate then…..

It’s seems they’ve put an electromagnetic induction generator in the battery sized generators, which work by a-shaking and a-moving. The new invention will be on show shortly and could make charging batteries even more fun that it already is. Hold on a sec though, it says that the current models only work for low consumption things like remote controls and that old Operation game you’ve had tucked in your wardrobe since your 8th birthday but which you just can’t bring yourself to throw out.

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