BBC iPlayer App for iPad and Android now Available Abroad

Posted on Mar 3 2011 - 8:05pm by Matt Jackson

The BBC iPlayer App for the iPad was released last month and the BBC said that updates and add-ons would come thick and fast. It seems they have been true to their word as today an announcement confirmed that their on demand service will be made available on the iPad for users outside of the UK, what’s the catch? Well it will cost them £6 per month to access.

Although some users would consider £6 a bargain to access their favourite shows abroad others will shy away from the app which is nearly a quarter of the basic Sky package for just a handful of BBC channels. Just to put it into to perspective the annual cost would amount to roughly £73.75 when converted from US Dollars which is around half the license fee Brits have to pay – so why the reduction in fees?

The app won’t actually represent the entire BBC catalogue either as only current and recent shows will be accessible.  In an interview with the Telegraph the BBC said, “The global iPlayer will not be the BBC’s entire UK services for a year wrapped up in an app. It will be a combination of current and past shows, editorially tailored for different international audience. “

They also pointed out the benefits to the UK consumers, “Future profits from the global iPlayer will be reinvested back into the BBC to help make great, original programmes for UK licence fee payers.”

So what will non UK users want to watch? Top Gear is one of the most famous of BBC shows around the world so hopefully that will be included. Much like other subscriptions the Beeb won’t actually tie users into a contract so if you are travelling abroad you could hook into the service as you travel.

The question is would you be willing to pay £6 for the privilege?

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