Bike Cuffs Prove A Real Head Ache For Thief’s

Posted on Mar 2 2008 - 4:52pm by Richard Sharp

bikecuffs.jpgHave you ever had your bike stolen, or known someone that has? It really annoys me and I want those suckers to pay! Well I have found a gadget that will do the next best thing – it will stop thief’s in their tracks.

Unlike conventional locks these little babies are based on real life police handcuffs and they are just as hard to break, which is the whole point I guess. Here is what firebox said about them:

Thanks to a hardened pivot link, wannabe crooks can’t use leverage to defeat the cuffs. What’s more, the heat-treated, patented lock core is virtually pick-proof. Even Houdini would have problems busting out of these babies. In fact build-quality is so high, Bike Cuffs come with a lifetime guarantee.

This little gadget could be the answer to all your bike security problems, it’s simple but effective. We love gadget’s, especially when they keep sticky mits off our stuff.

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