Blackberry Owners Don’t Know Who RIM Are; iPhone 4 Now On Vodafone

Posted on Aug 10 2010 - 2:00pm by Matt Jackson
Whether it’s a case of bad company branding or it just doesn’t matter the fact that 37% of Blackberry owners don’t know who Research in Motion (RIM) are is quite a startling fact considering they are the company that manufactures the Blackberry line of smartphones. The poll, which was undertaken by, also threw up some other figures that RIM should perhaps take not of. 70% of those questioned said that the Blackberry Torch (which we think needs a name change for a start) would fail to beat the iPhone 4 and 83% of users said that the Apple handset offered better apps.

Blackberry Mobiles - Who Makes Them Again?

It also seems that the main reason people turn to the Blackberry is because they dislike the touch screen phones on offer. Approximately 65% of the users gave this as the reason that they use a Blackberry rather than the more popular iPhone.

Whatever the reasons for people choosing one phone or another, the RIM (we’re trying to drum up some branding for them) is not really a direct competitor of the iPhone because they have different target markets and different uses. The Blackberry phones are designed more for business use while the iPhone 4 and its touch screen and fun apps are aimed more at social and personal users.

Speaking of the iPhone 4, if you don’t have one yet and were waiting until it was released on a contract with a company that you preferred or you wanted to keep your existing Vodafone number then there’s good news. The Apple iPhone 4 is now available on Vodafone Pay As You Go contracts although you will have to shell out a few pounds to get one. The 16GB version costs £480 and the more sensible 32GB option is £570. You can still the older 3GS which costs a little less at £385. Early adopters will enjoy one year of free mobile Internet usage and 1 year’s free access to the BT OpenZone WiFi network.

Have you got an iPhone or a Blackberry?

Do you know who manufactures your phone?

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