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Posted on Sep 17 2009 - 8:22pm by Richard Sharp

With top notch new Blu-Ray releases hitting the shelves almost every day it’s hard to keep track, but here are the top high def movies to come out in September 2009. Better start saving those pennies.

This Is Spinal Tap 25th Anniversary Edition
The original rockumentary makes a return to the spotlight after a quarter of a century. Still considered by many music fans as the best biography of a band that never existed, its influence is still felt today in shows like The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. The special edition even comes with a mini Marshal amplifier which doubled up as iPod speakers. Turn your HD TV to 11 and enjoy!

The Quick and the Dead
In the 90s the best western in town wasn’t Unforgiven, but this offering from Spiderman director Sam Raimi. Packed with shoot-outs and starring Sharon Stone and a fresh-faced Russell Crowe it’s an action packed epic that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Crank 2: High Voltage
Quite simply the most bizarre, indulgent, excessive and crude action film ever made, topping the insanity of the first outing in many ways. Jason Statham takes to the streets as Chev Chelios, a virtually invincible hitman who’s had his heart stolen by the Chinese mafia and replaced by an electric substitute. How does he keep his new ticker beating? With constant electric shocks. Mad genius at work.

Fast and Furious
The fourth film in the famous franchise saw a return to form earlier this year with fast cars, hot chicks and manly super studs all wrestling for superiority in the California deserts it’s got everything that a blockbuster could need. Also out this month is a box set containing all four of the films in the series in high definition, a must for all petrol-heads.

The Deer Hunter
Another classic from Robert DeNiro’s golden days, the Deer Hunter examines masculinity and relationships against the backdrop of Vietnam. It’s a true classic that rivals anything made by Scorsese or Coppola during the same period and will make a triumphant return in high definition.

State of Play
Arguably the most intelligent blockbuster released this year, it follows Russell Crowe’s investigative journalist from the oldschool and his young, female, blogging sidekick as they attempt to uncover government conspiracy. In many ways it’s an old fashioned thriller filmed in a modern way, but if you want to have your head and heart satisfied this is a good buy.

Snakes on a Plane
The film that proved the true power of the internet to influence the movies, it sees Samuel L. Jackson fending off attacks from pesky snakes whilst flying at 10,000 feet. Very silly stuff but endearing because of it. It shows that the 80s cheesyness hasn’t been completely washed away in a post-Bourne world.

Russell Crowe seems to be all over the September Blu-Ray release schedule and this is perhaps his most important entry onto this list. This movie won multiple Oscars and reminded the world that Ridley Scott was a great director. Ancient Rome has never been recreated with such atmosphere and authenticity and the gladiatorial fight scenes make Spartacus look like…well, Snakes on a Plane.

Just in time for the revamped remake, the classic 80s musical gets another going over for the high definition generation. The story of performing arts students trying to make it in the cutthroat world of show business isn’t tarnished by time and the delicious sense of place is a rare thing to find in any movie. If you’re a fan of Fame then you’re probably already rushing to pre-order it now.

Leon: Director’s Cut
Luc Besson’s entire back catalogue is making its way to Blu-Ray this month and Leon is the best of the bunch. Jean Reno stars as a hit man with a heart of gold, who takes a young Natalie Portman into his care and imparts some of his deadly knowledge to her in the process. Americans thought this was typically French, whilst French viewers though Besson had gone all American. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Dead Man’s Shoes
Before Shane Meadows took the world by storm with This Is England, he made Dead Man’s Shoes, a tragic and funny story following an ex-soldier seeking revenge on the local men who tormented his disabled brother whilst he was serving abroad. Typically English in its execution, it’s an involving and stylish film that invites close attention.

Freddy Vs Jason
Whilst both of these classic horror franchises went off the rails decades ago, this movie saw the rebirth of two cult horror stars, competing for the spotlight and fighting to rack up the highest body counts.

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