Bluetooth Umbrella – Will It Go Down A Storm?

Posted on Jul 11 2008 - 11:50pm by Richard Sharp

The Bluetooth UmbrellaI’m sure this will go down a storm. The bluetooth umbrella enables users to shelter from the rain and to use their handheld mobile but, alas, it’s only a prototype. While we don’t condone gambling, we strongly suggest placing a wager on some company getting hold of this and running with it. Hopefully, they’ll keep running and not look back.

The bluetooth headset is built into the handle of the umbrella so it won’t get wet (unless the umbrella’s crap, of course) although you will have to hold the umbrella up like a periscope. Just in case having your very own bluetooth umbrella isn’t enough it comes complete with an FM radio transmitter too.

Unfortunately, umbrellas just aren’t sexy or cool, and probably never will be so while the concept may have merit hidden away somewhere it’s fairly unlikely that it will be a popular product even when it does have an iPod dock and party speakers attached (that’s what happens to all gadget concepts eventually).

We nearly forgot to mention that, if it were to go into production, the bluetooth umbrella would also sport a touch screen display hidden away in the handle somehow. Either you have to have particularly dainty fingers or it would be the mother of all umbrella handles.

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