Briefcase Scalextric Type Toy

Posted on Jul 12 2008 - 11:44pm by Richard Sharp

Briefcase Racing GameFor $600 (about £300) you can get this rather funky looking Japanese self contained karting game in its fetching aluminium case. Two cars, Five hour battery life (provided by a 9v battery), a two metre track, and two hand controllers make up the set although it would be fair to say that the carry case may be going just a little over the top and is probably largely responsible for the slightly inflated price tag.

While it is quite cool, it’s just not the same as spending hours and hours putting your own Scalextric track to find that there’s a single piece somewhere in the 17 miles of course that isn’t working. Or, worse still, the track is fine but those metal elements that you used to find on the bottom of the cars have completely worn down.

To be honest, it’s been a while since I bought a Scalextric so I’m not sure if the same really rings true but that was always part of the fun. The building of the track, that is, and not the inability to get your cars to whizz round them afterwards. Another part of the fun was waiting for the cat to saunter past that bend the car always comes off at, and hurtling your little miniature porsche as fast as it would go towards your feline friend.

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