Britain on the bog: 34% of Brits use Smartphones on the toilet

Posted on Jul 6 2012 - 12:53pm by Richard Sharp

We’ve discussed some interesting trends from the UK in the past; remember that Brits spend more time using gadgets than sleeping? Who could forget the surprising percentage of people who would check their phone during an intimate moment! This new study is perhaps a little less shocking, but an eye opener all the same.

Using smartphones on the toilet

It’s more common than you’d think because a new study by insites has revealed that 34% of the UK population has admitted to using their smartphone whilst sitting on the toilet. That’s not whilst in the toilet, but actually on it!

Compared to the US though, UK users are still number two (no pun intended). The study showed that 50% of Americans use their phone whilst on the throne.

So what are they using their phones for? Texting, gaming, checking emails are all popular but alarmingly the main usage for toilet telephonists is calling loved ones or interacting on Facebook. This accounts for an impressive 74% of on toilet action. The remaining percentage fragments between organising, entertainment and general internet usage.

Smartphones big in the UK

Elias Veris, Mobile expert at InSites Consulting commented: “Although on the European mainland the Netherlands are often seen as the example for smartphone usage, we see that on the mobile front the UK is even more advanced. This is reflected in the number of data connections, but also in the fact that the US and the UK make more use of options such as in-store searching for the competitors’ pricing.”

So it seems the UK is a nation who loves to connect using their smartphone whilst spending a penny at the same time. This could be seen as ingenious multitasking, or just a little wrong. What do you think?

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