British International Motor Show

Posted on Jul 22 2008 - 10:57pm by Richard Sharp

Land Rover LRX On Show At British International Motor ShowThe British International Motor Show opens its doors to the public tomorrow, 23rd July and the press got a sneak preview of what was on offer – as ever, shiny new cars were the order of the day, with this years buzzword clearly being concept. Concept cars aren’t necessarily shown because they are going to be developed or put into mass production but they do usually have one or two interesting features that may well find their way into the next car model.

The Land Rover that we reported on the other day is there and, I have to say, it looks even better than in the promo picture (very low and very sleek indeed). However, it was one of numerous different concepts and new cars on display and this year’s event looks even better than usual. The order of the day was most certainly innovative green and hybrid technologies as you might imagine.

You can view more details on the motor show by looking at the official British International Motor Show website although unless I’m being particularly thick the countdown clock isn’t the most accurate because despite the show starting in earnest in about 9 hours, the clock states it’s a day and 10 hours to blast off. Minor niggle, but there you go.

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