Buddhist Monks build Temple Complex from old beer bottles

Posted on May 23 2011 - 4:07pm by Thomas Sharp

We love home made gadgets and love recycled tech and cool things made from rubbish even more. Today we discovered a Buddhist temple that has been built entirely from unwanted beer bottles and we have to say its one of the most beautiful temples we have ever seen.

The monks from Khun Han could see their local neighborhood being ruined by countless problems including littering and alcoholism, they needed a new Temple and decided to tackle both problems head on. The locals were encouraged to collect unused beer bottles and deliver them to the building site for sorting, the entire complex uses green Heineken and brown Chang lager bottles to create an awe inspiring effect. In total it took one million bottles to create the main temple,Abbot San Kataboonyo explained that as more bottles were delivered new structures are created.


The project started in 1984 and continues to grow, now an entire complex of buildings is used by the monks and has even become an official eco-friendly tourist attraction in Thailand.


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